[EN] About this blog and its author

Hi ! You are on Xavier Collet’s blog. I am a french freelance sound designer and composer. My posts about sound design (and related) are only in french (sorry !) but you will find here some readable information about me.

What I do :

  • sound design (for cinema, Web and video game mostly)
  • music for any kind of projects
  • sound editing (fiction, documentary)
  • teaching (Lecturer in different universities and private schools)

What I have learned :

  • music , composition and film scoring
  • sound design (master’s degreee at ENJMIN and IRCAM)
  • musicology (post-graduate at La Sorbonne)
  • ethnomusicology (thesis about rythm in south indian music ; minor asia music performer)
  • sound engineering and synthesis

What I play :

  • Different lutes : guitar, bass, ukulele, saz, oud
  • Wind instruments : Kaval (turkey), Pelul (Armenia)
  • Drums : a bit of hand drums like darbuka and Daf (iranian frame drum)
  • Piano, mostly as a composing tool
  • Real-time systems, samplers and synths

What makes me different :

  • I manage the three sides of sound and music design : Artistical, technical and cognitive
  • The broad spectrum of my musical skills (classical, jazz, experimental, ethnic, rock…)
  • I play instruments you’ve rarely heard
  • I can talk about sound integration and object-oriented design with a software designer
  • I am really bad at drawing

Below you can listen to some of my recent musical works, mostly for the video game and Web industries. I hope you will enjoy it.

I am always enthusiastic working on international projects so please contact me if you would like to collaborate. I am also open to worldwide job opportunities.

English spoken (work level). Some german, spanish as well (week-end level). A bit of turkish, tamil and portuguese (holiday level).

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